Privacy policy.

Personal information collected:

During the sign up process, Ransom Yourself collects users' email address, name, and timezone. This information is used solely within the context of Ransom Yourself's service offering and is only shared with Stripe for the purpose of fulfilling financial services on Ransom Yourself's behalf.

Additionally, Ransom Yourself keeps a log of email headers, email contents, and payments for each user in order to maintain an accurate audit history for users and services rendered on Ransom Yourself's platform.

Payment information such as debit/credit card number and CCV are handled by Stripe and are never directly exposed to Ransom Yourself. Instead, that information is represented as a token, which Ransom Yourself retains. Stripe also collects and retains the expiration date and postal code for each card.

Contents of writing entries:

The contents of writing entries are saved for convience purposes so that users are able to download their writing from Ransom Yourself in the future.

You retain full rights to your work without reservation.

The contents of emails are not encrypted unless you encrypt them yourself before sending. OpenPGP is a popular standard of encryption that can be used to keep the contents of your emails private.

Use with third parties:

None of the above information is shared with third parties except as already outlined or if obligated to do so by law.