Ransom Yourself is about developing a consistent writing habit.

How does this work?

Essentially, writers submit their payment information to be charged if they don't maintain a daily writing habit.

Once a ransom is begun, the entire experience takes place via email. Writers receive email reminders for twenty one days and reply from any email provider they prefer (Outlook, Gmail, etc).

The service only charges writers if they don't write during each of the twenty one days. The point is to motivate writers to stay disciplined through this process rather than turn a profit. The world stands to benefit far more if writers keep their promises to themselves and become stronger at what they do.

Where does the charged money go?

It goes straight into my bank account.

Nobody should want this to happen, which is precisely why I've set it up this way. If the money went to charity, then writers wouldn't feel as bad if they missed a day of writing.

It's supposed to suck when you miss a day. Please don't miss a day.

Who made this?

My name is Ryan N Johnson and I enjoy making projects like this one. If you're having trouble with the site or have feedback, feel free to email me.